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Join Wayne Alexander every Monday on the all new Pic & Mix Show between 8pm & 10pm, playing all your classics across the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s including your 90’s club classics





Well where do I begin, DJ’ing is not just a hobby for me but also for the love of music. I first picked up the vinyl when I was around 16, hiring out twin deck mixer units and a lovely set of carpeted speakers from Walworth Road and providing the music for friends & family at parties etc. Back in the early 90’s I attended a week’s Radio course with Bruno Brooks & Neil James from BBC Radio One which really helped me with my presenting skills at that young age, I created my own radio show, managed scripts and live phone in’s. In collaboration with some of my Ex Raver friends (back in the day I must add!) I also hosted and run my own ‘licensed’ rave event at Happy Jacks – London Bridge and assisted ‘Innersense’ @ The LaserDrome as a Sound, Laser, & Light Technician. During that period I was also fortunate to meet the likes of Kenny Ken, Grooverider, Fabio, Ray Keith, Dr S Gachet, SLB to name but a few.

Moving on from there I have DJ’ed at various events, Clubs & hosted Karaoke & themed nights ensuring that the night goes down with a storm!!!

My music taste spans a vast mixture, from, Rave, House & Garage, Old Skool, RnB, Soul, Funk, Groove, Motown, Ska, Reggae & Rock.




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All Genres (Jazz , Ska , House , RnB etc)