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Catch Steve for The Friday Feeling between 6pm and 8pm every week here on SoulBeat Radio




Music..... funky music!!


It's been a part of my life since I was a very young child. I remember my mum listening to Elvis Presley and Helen Shapiro etc. Playing her singles on the Pye 'Black Box' Hi Fidelity record player, a veritable chunk of timber more akin to a sideboard but we loved that old thing!


I lived and grew up in Africa as a child, and music was everywhere, rhythm and polyrhythm, it could be aurally intoxicating.


The first record that really pricked up my ears at the age of seven was Aretha Franklins 'I say a little prayer for you'.


In the 1970s when I was in Africa, other than indigenous music which was heavily drum orientated and hence very rhythmical check out: Fela Kuti and King Sunny Ade American soul music was in high demand and could be heard everywhere; O Jays, Temptations, James Brown, Stevie Wonder the usual suspects.


It was in retrospect an amazing era and I was hooked.

In my teens I discovered 'real' music and surrounded myself with musicians and I too learnt how to play the drums and messed around with guitars.


You could also find me in the usual places, Cinderella's, Tights, Flicks and Busby's having a boogie to the latest soul funky dance music which in the 1980s was plethoric, new dance music was being released on a daily basis.


Of course in those days we didn't have musical streaming, it came to me by FM Radio with the exception of Radio Luxembourg 208 which was on Medium Wave!!


Do you remember 'The Powerplay'


And of course at that time there was also: Radio London, Robbie Vincent, Capital Radios 'Best disco in town ' at The Lyceum.


In my early twenties I started to learn how to dance, Latin American, ballroom, progressing to salsa and my passion now is Modern Jive which I have been doing for the last eight years.


Through my daughter I met Andy Nelson and got talking with him, we had an instant affinity through our love of soul funky music, it was then that he invited me to volunteer to play music on Soulbeat Radio.


As you can see, music has been and will always remain a massive part of my life, and it gives me GREAT pleasure to share with you the sounds of soul and dance music that make my heart beat and my feet dance.


Peace and love - Steve Rex




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