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Join Smiffy each and every Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm with his “The Wayback Wednesday Show”. Playing two hours of "Classic Hits from a Classic Era” it’s a mixture of requests and planned playlists. Favourites include: Cameo, Earth, Wind & Fire, George Duke, Stanley Clark, Fatback Band, Maze etc.



I got my love of music from my parents. Mum used to sing in a big band after the war, whilst on tour in London she met my dad who was from Kent. I have always loved the big band sound because of the talented musicians who could actually play the instruments.


Music is in my soul my heart & my bones. I live for music, no matter what era or genre. I always have it in my head 24-7.


My first ever performance was singing all the words to "She loves you" by the Beatles when I was about 3-4 years old to a group of nuns on the top of a double decker bus. Mum said she knew from that moment she’d passed on some of her vibes to her boy.


As a teenager, I’d borrow my sisters record player and my dad’s tape recorder and pretend I’d be doing a radio show. My Idol was Tony Blackburn who over the years has shared his love of soul music. I’d Listen to his show on Radio London and thought it was the best ever. Robbie Vincent,Kenny Everett,Emperor Rosko,Tony Blackburn,Adrian Juste : These were the guys I listened to. Robbie & Tony for the music and the rest for, the fun they brought into their shows.


I taught myself to play the drums & spent some time in a band. I used to sing as well so mum was right, she did pass on some of her “vibes”.


During the mid 1970’s a friend and I started a mobile disco called “Funky Fuse Box” strange name I know but it took ages to think of. We would do the usual youth clubs around the Cambridge area and only play chart stuff plus Stax & Motown.


In 1978 we changed the name to Nitelite Discotheque and were regarded as one of the best around Cambridge. We worked for the United States Air Force at Milldenhall & Lakenheath Airbases playing Imported Soul & Disco Music which cost a fortune at the time, but the benefits were worth it. Free drinks,cigarettes & proper American Pizza. The real bonus was the class acts they’d fly in to entertain the people on base i.e Gladys Knight, Johnny Guitar Watson to name a few. Also British bands like Rokotto and Shakatak. Happy Days!


In 1984 I settled down to married life and said goodbye to the old days.(or so I thought).


Last Year I saw a post on Facebook asking if anyone fancied a go on a Soul Radio Station I sent in a demo and here I am, a bit rusty but I’ts all about the music.


For requests allow at least a week.

Email: smiffy@soulbeat-radio.com

Face Book: https:soulbeat-radio live\facebook.com

Podcast: http://johnwsmith.podomatic.com